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Why Vaping is the Optimal Way for Medical Marijuana Patients to Get Their Dose On

Vaporizing—or vaping as it’s commonly known—refers to the process of heating dried cannabis flower or concentrates to a temperature below the combustion point (roughly 350°F to 440°F). This releases the desired cannabinoids and terpenes, but doesn’t create the harmful tar, carbon monoxide and other byproducts associated with combustion.

Igniting cannabis in a joint or a pipe heats the material and smoke up to a high temperature, which can be harsh on the lungs (hence, the coughing). Vaping heats cannabis oil and flower at much lower temperatures, releasing the active ingredients into a fine vapor mist.

Although research shows cannabis smoke is less toxic than cigarette smoke, it can still cause lung irritation and respiratory distress—particularly in immunocompromised patients. Burning cannabis produces over 100 chemicals and compounds, several of them known to be toxic.

The effects of vaping cannabis are similar to those of smoking, with similar onset time and duration, and many patients feel vaping is a healthier option for them. Vaping doesn’t ignite the cannabis material, and thus, releases no smoke or carcinogens. That means most of the potentially harmful respiratory effects from smoking cannabis can be avoided.

Research on vaping health risks has found people who use vaporizers report fewer respiratory problems than those who smoke cannabis. The health benefits of vaping cannabinoids can be especially significant for medical cannabis patients, who often consume more cannabis on a regular basis than casual or recreational users.

Vaping also provides the added benefit of producing a virtually odorless vapor. That means it can be done discreetly and without lingering smells.

All vaporizers have a heating source and a delivery system, but there are numerous styles of vaporizers on the market today, including stationary tabletop models, boxy portable vaporizers and pen-style vapes.

Many people find pen vapes with pre-filled cartridges of high-quality oil distillates, like those made by The Clear™, are the easiest types of vaporizers to use. The Clear™ product line features the cleanest and purest THC and CBD products on the market. Quality pen vapes are highly effective and discreet. They’re also the easiest for using on the go.

Pre-loaded vape pens also allow for precise dosing, which is particularly important for patients who are new to concentrates. Pen vapes give users the ability to control exactly how much or how little they want to consume, without wasting any oil.

Distillates—a highly pure form of cannabis oil—offer added advantages for medical cannabis patients looking to benefit from cannabinoids without exposing themselves to any impurities. Many patients prefer vaporizing this type of highly purified oil because it provides strong, specific cannabinoid and terpene formulations designed for specific purposes.


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